A Few Tips To Being Environment Friendly

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We all are guilty of indulging in practices that harm our environment. However, it’s never too late to stop in our tracks and change that to being environment friendly. Like everything else, the first place to start change, is in the home. Open your cabinet and have a peek at all the products that you use to keep your home spotless and sparkling.

Odds are the products are composed mainly of substances that are damaging to the environment. Now, if you start your kitchen cabinet you’ll find environment friendly products which may be used to keep your home spotless and disinfected. The additional advantage is that you’ll see this cost effective, as commercial goods can be rather expensive.

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Being environment friendly household tips:

Grimy surfaces: Sprinkle baking soda on a surface that is filthy, after a couple of minutes use a moist sponge and wash it off. For more stubborn dirt, sprinkle on an extra layer of salt and then scrub. That should leave surfaces dirt free.

Bathroom tiles: Make a mixture of two parts vinegar, 1 part baking soda and 4 parts water. Mix this thoroughly; use the mixture on the tiles and let about ten minutes for it to react with the dirt. Scrub with a brush and wash away with a sponge.

Toilet bowl: Bring out that excellent old baking soda to wash out the bowl. To disinfect it, scrub it with borax. To find the exterior of the bowl sparkling, wipe it down with vinegar.

Clogged drains: Empty half a cup of baking soda into the drain and then pour into a boiling water. To get a more stubbornly clogged drain, then pour in some vinegar. This will cause the mix to fizz and loosen the dirt up. Pour some boiling water to finish the cleaning procedure.

Flooring: Add four cups of white vinegar to a gallon of warm water. You may add a few drops of any aromatic oil to leave your room smelling sweet. Use this mixture to wash your floors.

Furniture: Create a combination of lemon juice and olive oil in equal portions. Dip a cloth into this and use it to wash your wooden furniture.

Glass: To make your windows sparkle, mix together 1 part of vinegar to four parts of water. Pour this into a spray can and spray on the glass. Wipe away with some old paper.

Mold: Dip a cloth in vinegar and vinegar moldy surfaces.

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